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  • Yuzu Syrup 480ml


    Yuzu syrup 480 grams

    This product is just so delicious it makes grown Chefs cry. The product has won a prestigious award from France for its flavour.

    Perfectly balanced - not too sweet, it has 13% yuzu peel in it which adds fabulous texture.

    So many uses: It is delicious with Foie Gras, smoked salmon, salad dressings, duck, pate, desserts, jellies and more.  The syrup comes with a easy to use squeeze dispenser perfect for foodservice. This is one of our bestsellers.

    In Japan its also used to put in hot water or cold soda water for a refreshing drink.  The recipe below is highly recommended by us:

    Yuzu - Oyster or dipping sauce * (*highly recommended)

    25ml Master craftsman rice vinegar by Tobaya Suten

    50ml Yuzu juice

    75ml Yuzu syrup

    7g Salt

    Put syrup, salt and vinegar in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Take off the heat and add Yuzu juice.