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Yuzu Kosho - Green 200g


Green Yuzu Kosho 200g (Milder than Red Yuzu Kosho)

This is one of the must have ingredients at the moment. Only three ingredients - Yuzu peel, sea salt and green chilli peppers this hotish but mild condiment is fantastic to put on chicken/red meat/pork/fish as a marinade (mix with a little soy sauce), sashimi, noodles, soups, stir frys, add to sauces, dressings. Super brilliant on chicken wings. oyster dressings and to add to mayo. We have heard brushed onto home made potato chips is awesome too. Adds a great aroma as well and a clean spicy lift to food. Loves pear and apple. You can use this in so many ways!! Our Yuzu Kosho is of the highest quality. This is milder than the Red Kosho we also sell. This is a completely different Kosho to the ones you get in the Asian supermarkets. In fact we taste tested them both with a leading chef recently and he actually spat out the supermarket one after we gave it to him after ours! Once you know how to use this ingredient it will be your new bestest friend (without the complaining). :)