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  • Vegan Shiitake dashi concentrate 150ml


    Vegan Shiitake Dashi Concentrate 150ml (gluten free)

    Our concentrated shiitake sauce is made only from Shiitake mushrooms, enzymes, water and salt. No additives!!   The best shiitake chosen to make this concentrate are left in salt brine for at least 4 months.  This is a revival of the plant sauce "Kusasho" found in the Heian period in Japan over 1000 years ago!

    This is extremely concentrated with an AMAZINGLY powerful shiitake taste. You only need a few drops to deglaze pans, add to meats, stocks, risottos. pastas, make shiitake clear broth and because it is vegan is perfect to add flavour to vegetables and tofu!

    Free of wheat and soybeans!