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  • Vegan Shiitake dashi concentrate 150ml


    Vegan Shiitake Dashi Concentrate 150ml (gluten free)

    Our concentrated shiitake sauce is made only from Shiitake mushrooms, enzymes, water and salt. No additives!!   The best shiitake chosen to make this concentrate are left in salt brine for at least 4 months.  This is a revival of the plant sauce "Kusasho" found in the Heian period in Japan over 1000 years ago!

    This is extremely concentrated with an AMAZINGLY powerful shiitake taste. You only need a few drops to deglaze pans, add to meats, stocks, risottos. pastas, make shiitake clear broth and because it is vegan is perfect to add flavour to vegetables and tofu! Free of wheat and soybeans! Recipes below:

    Shiitake Dashi Recipes

    Fermented rosy seabass on pain de Campagne (Restaurant TERAKOMA, Tokyo)

    Pain de Campagne        300g

    Kronenbourg Blanc       250g

    Fleur de Sel de Camargue 20g

    Beer yeast                           3g

    Rosy seabass                  25g

    Rice bran oil            small amount

    Shiitake sauce         small amount


    Ingredients for sauce

    fish fond, shiitake dashi,

    white sesame, cream, unsalted butter, fermented butter, thickening agent

    Chop the bread finely and spread to create the fermenting ground for portioned rosy seabass. Leave for three days. Take out the fish and coat with Shiitake dashi and rice bran oil and steam for 5 minutes.

    Make fond using baked fish rough and vegetables. Mix in other ingredients for sauce.


    Log cultivated Shiitake Taglierini


    Taglierini                                  350g

    Ragù sauce (below)                 350g

    Log cultivated Shiitake                         60g

    Tomato sauce                         100g

    Diced tomato                          150g

    Shiitake dashi                                   25ml

    Finely chopped garlic                      10g

    Butter                                                 75g

    Vegetable stock                      small amount

    Cook garlic and shiitake. Add chopped tomato, tomato sauce and shiitake ragù sauce. Cook further by adding vegetable stock. Mix cooked taglierini in the sauce and add butter shiitake dashi, salt and pepper.


    To make 700g of shiitake ragù sauce

    Put olive oil 300ml in a pot and cook finely chopped shallots 50g, garlic 5g and rosemary 2g.

    Add log cultivated shiitake 250g and Tomato paste 10g

    Cook further by adding red wine 150ml and tomato sauce 300g and water from soaking dehydrated Shiitake 250g. Add Shiitake dashi 10g, salt and pepper.