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  • Vegan Nori canape cups .4g x 24 cups


    Nori Cups - packets of 24 (.4g each) VEGAN)

    Amazing new product vegan product - vegan nori cups the size for canapes. Even one will add panache to your dish or as canapes. There are many things you can do with them - fried products, dryish Japaneses style rice (like shown above) or even turn them upside down on a dish for a surprise underneath!! Above are Japanese photos but I know Australian chefs will come up with innovative uses. I am afraid we don't know if they can be deep fried but one of the photos looks like they can. 40c each for a BIG BANG Exciting stuff!!

    Vegan Nori 24 pack $9.60 (.40c each) but what a statement on the plate!!