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  • Ume and Vegetable Furikake 30g

    Ume and Vegetable Furikake 30g
    This is an amazing quality vegetable furikake made of dried 6 kinds of vegetables produced in Kyushu area. These 6 Japan origin vegetables (Daikon radish leaf, Komatsuna, Takana, Cabbage, Spinach, Carrot) are received from contracted farmers, and it is washed soon, and boiled. Then, it is dried at low temperature for over a half day. Low temperature drying method can leave vegetables freshness, good texture and flavour compared with Freeze-dry. It also can remove of hashness of green vegetables. To make the best use of vegetables itself, other seasonings are not used a lot. It has gentle flavour of bonito and kombu. Ume also can bring refreshing acidity. (Recommended usage) ・As furikake, add it on rice or onigiri (rice ball). ・You can easily take in vegetables from furikake if you add it on ready meal and as great decoration