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  • True Firefly Squid Sauce 100ml


    True Firefly Squid Sauce 100ml (concentrate very strong) (Watasenia Scintillans)

    This fish sauce is absolutely delicious - not just a novelty. Every chef who has tried it goes weak at the knees. We are are used to fish sauce made of anchovy but this and our Shottsuru Hata Hata fish sauce (no anchovy) are superior in the extreme. FYI - This product does contain wheat (shottsuru does not).

    Between March and June, thousands of bioluminescent firefly squid come together in a stunning electric-blue display that is one of the most amazing natural colourful displays to see on Earth. Suddenly a blaze of neon blue flashed from underneath the water and thousands and thousands of firefly squid squirm around the fisherman lighting up the black of the night.

    By day, the squid dwell in the deep depths of Toyama Bay. But each night they come to the surface to search for potential mates. An evolutionary phenomenon called counter-illumination allows the squid to camouflage themselves by blending in with the light from above, thus thwarting off predators. When tens of thousands of them come together they create a stunning electric-blue display that is one of the most amazing sights on earth. Because they are only caught for two months every year they are very prized as a seasonal delicacy.

    Most people who want to see this amazing display is to do a Firefly Squid Sightseeing Tour which runs march May. The one- to two-hour boat excursions leave at 3am. This is am absolutely delicious fish sauce to rival no other!