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  • Traditional Hon Mirin by Mikawa 700ml


    Traditional MIRIN, the genuine MIRIN comes from Mikawa


    We cherish the traditional technique which has been handed down for over 200 years.

    Mikawa area, located in southern Aichi prefecture, is endowed with warm climate and quality water.  The area has been enjoying Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) production since more than 200 years ago.  The number of Mirin producers in Mikawa area is the largest throughout Japan.

    Mikawa Mirin was established in 1911.  Throughout three generations, the traditional technique has been protected and nourished by constantly brewing only Mirin for many years.  Our “Mishu Mikawa Mirin” has been used by professional Japanese chefs and other gourmet professionals for many years and its quality has been proven to be the best.  It also has been awarded by National Alcoholic Condiment Fair for many times and even received prestigious Diamond Award in 1975 in Mirin category.

    Natural Brewing Using Sticky Rice, Rice Koji Mould and Real Shochu*

    Pure Mirin made from rice only

    Our Mirin ingredients are only sticky rice, rice koji mould**, and rice shochu.  The shochu used is also prepared and distilled by ourselves, without using any brewing alcohol or sweeteners (cheap mirin often uses high fructose corn syrup).  All elements of our Mirin such as aroma, rich taste, and sweetness are all natural essence from rice.

    *Shochu: Distilled beverage native to Japan.

    **Rice koji mould: Prepared by putting koji mould on steamed rice for breeding.

    Ancient Natural Brewing Method

    To produce our Mirin, we put steamed sticky rice, rice koji mould and rice shochu (43 degrees) all together into the barrel and wait for more than one year till the three ingredients harmonize and create balanced natural flavour.  This is why our Mirin has very mild flavour with rich taste and elegant sweetness.

    All Natural

    We use no additives such as preservatives and sterilizer to produce Mirin both during and after brewing.  We don’t do heat sterilization either as it might ruin the natural aroma and flavour.  However, thanks to the special care and high technique handed down from ancient times, our products are perfectly safe and you never need to worry about quality deterioration.

     Bottled Alive

    As we do not heat the product, the rice koji mould in our bottled Mirin is still alive.  This is why our Mirin has very profound flvaour and spreading taste, which you can never experience with sterilized Mirin.

    Mirin is the integration of daintiness which Japanese sticky rice secretly has by using Japan’s traditional technique of brewing.  Strictly selected sticky rice, high koji producing technique handed down in a long established business dedicated only for Mirin, and perfect climate of Mikawa which produces a huge power in the transition of seasons;  These three elements have made it possible to create our Mirin which has been highly valued throughout the ages.

    Mirin was originally enjoyed as a sweet rice wine as many as 500 years ago.  Today it is used for cooking and it gives wonderful shine and glare to your dishes as well as elegant and refreshing sweetness.  Most excellent Mirin is the one you can even enjoy drinking.  Such Mirin is a perfect condiment and hidden ingredient for the first class cuisines.


    Effect of Mirin

    Mirin’s natural and mellow sweetness helps improve a normal dish by bringing out the essential flavors of ingredients.   

    Enhancing Glaze and Luster 

    When mirin is heated, sugar within mirin and umami (tastiness) get combined, resulting in a dish with enhanced glaze and sheen.

    Bringing out Richness and Umami

    Alcohol content of mirin encourages seasonings to go deeper into ingredients and hence umami (tastiness) of the ingredients comes alive. 

    Eliminating Odor

    Alcohol content of mirin helps eliminate the odor of a stock, fish, and meat. Heating mirin disperses the smell of alcohol and has a result of balancing the taste of a dish.

    Preventing Ingredients from Falling to Pieces

    Alcohol content of mirin prevents ingredients from falling to pieces by allowing seasonings to penetrate through ingredients, effectively tightening the ingredients. 

    Sophisticated, Mellow Sweetness

    Increasingly sophisticated and rich tastes of a dish results from a variety of sweetness and umami (tastiness) components.