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  • Superior White (Shiro) Miso paste from Kantoya, Kyoto 100g


    Superior White (Shiro) Miso 100g from Kantoya, Kyoto

    This superior White Miso paste is so delicious! It is produced by the famous Miso company Kantoya in Kyoto which has a special process to make its sweet umami flavour.  It is not too salty, very gentle, sweet and is of outstanding quality.

    So perfect for vinaigrette dressings, miso caramel, Miso butter, as a sauce with gnocci, soups, marinades, salad dressings. This particular Miso is also perfect for Miso caramel and so so much more! You will LOVE this amazing Miso!

    About Gokomachi KANTOYA

    We Gokomachi KANTOYA are a long established miso manufacturer.  We have been engaged in miso production in the south of Old Imperial Palace, the center of Kyoto city since 1847, when our founder Chube Kantoya started the business.

    The miso we produce has the taste which can be only created with craftsmen’s great deal of care and effort.  We only use groundwater from 60 meters underground of Hiei mountain system.  We also choose the production method that involves as many human hands as possible.

    Another example of our care to miso lies in the quality of koji.  Koji is generally made from various cereals but we only use koji made from rice.  The koji is one of miso’s key ingredients which will add sweetness to miso by its glycation as well as increase miso’s umami or tastiness by degrading protein in soy beans.  It takes us three to four days to produce koji from rice.  During this period koji is carefully conditioned for four times by mainly human’s hands, although machines are used in some parts.  We stick to manual conditioning because koji mold is alive, just like koji used for sake and soy sauce making, and its condition changes every day.  Even temperature and moisture level shows the same, conditions of koji are different day by day.  We feel such delicate difference by actually touching koji listening to its words.  It is our mission to express such words in the finished product, our one and only Gokomatchi KANTOYA’s miso.

    We don’t do mass production because most of our customers are long established restaurants who have been keeping their original taste for a long period of time.  We will follow this stream in the future too, so we hope our new customers are also sympathetic to our idea and can develop our miso together. 

    As miso is the basic condiment and further process is needed at customers’, we have also started the sales of Dengaku Miso (sweet simmered miso) and Karashi Zuke (mustard pickles) about 20 years ago.

    We do not sell reduced-salt miso which is the recent trend in the consumer market.  Reduced salt means it has less salt in miso, but the salt in miso actually works to create umami or tastiness of the dish you make with.  Therefore when reduced-salt miso is used at home, the dish end up with having less “taste” and users tend to put more miso than the appropriate level, which ruins the whole balance between miso and other ingredients in cooking.  For this reason we do not manufacture or sell reduced-salt miso, as it is difficult for normal users to make delicious miso soup with such miso.  Rather than paying attention to the salt content of miso itself, Kantoya suggest customers that they put more vegetables and other ingredients to the miso soup so that they can easily and rationally reduce the salt level of the soup. 

    As you can see, although being small, we have a strong belief and policy in making our own miso and eager to convey the ways to enjoy our products to valued customers

    It is our great pleasure that you are interested in our products.  Encouraged by your attention, we are determined to spare no effort to supply quality miso to customers for many years to come.