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  • Sugar canded Wakake root TSUKUDANI 70G



    Tsukudani is everywhere in Japanese cooking. This cooking method takes a lot of time by by simmering Wakame root (undaria pinnatifida). Ingredients wakame root, water, soy sauce, sugar, flying fish dashi stock, capelin (fish) eggs, sugar, sardine stock, rice vinegar, dried bonito.


    This product is delicious with rice, eggs, as a condiment to fish.  This product has taken a lot of time and been cooked slowly and has a delicious umami flavour.

    About Nakaura shokuhin

    For more than 300 years since they started their business, they have been making effort on regional development by producing the local specialty. They produce and sell a lot of local specialties by using local fish and seafood. Sasaki family has been taking over this business for over 300 years, now the president is 17th generation.


    Features of Wakame stem tsukudani

    1, Rich flavor of flying fish dashi

    They use flying fish caught in Sanin region which area contains Shimane and Tottori prefecture. Dashi from flying fish has mild, clear, light sweetness flavor and unique UMAMI.


    2, Good texture of fish egg

    In addition to chewy and crispy wakame stem, popping texture of fish eggs makes it better texture.


    3, Simple ingredients

    It has no artificial additives. Thus, it has the flavor of the raw ingredients.


    Wakame's root is perfect to make Tsukudani. It is thick, crunchy.  It is a really delishious , and it will be perfect with - everything including pasta, meats, vegetables, cheese (goat in particular), as a condiment etc. 

    It is very intense and you only use a very little and we recommend less than 1Tbsp for one bowl of rice. It is yummy and full of umami.