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  • Sudachi Juice 900ml


    Sudachi Juice 900ml - hand squeezed cold pressed from the famous Ito Farm

    Sudachi (Citrus sudachi) a small, round, green, Japanese citrus fruit that is a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture in Japan..


    It is a sour citrus, not eaten as fruit, but used as food flavoring in place of lemon or lime, yuzu or dai dai. It is usually picked and eaten green although does turn orange in season.

    Cultivated for centuries in parts of Japan, and perhaps nearly as well known as another sour citrus, the yuzu in that country, it has been considered an "indispensable companion" to eating matsutake mushroom. You can also make Sudachi vinegar or ponzu with it.

    A dipping sauce with it is often served  with many traditional Japanese dishes which include fish, soba, udon, nabe, and even some alcoholic beverages. It is considered to have a zestier flavor and aroma than lemons or limes. It also boasts a higher calcium and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content than lemons. Sudachi flavored products (such as ice cream, Mohitio’s and other alhocholic drinks. vodka coolers, ice pops, and soft drinks) are very popular in Japan.The actual fruit is regarded as a delicacy in other parts of Japan, and is often expensive.  We have to send this in a special box hence high price unless you tell us to courier it which is cheaper.