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  • Smoked vinegar 200ml


    Real Smoked vinegar 200ml: (High acidity vinegar, rice vinegar & sake lees vinegar - smoked(

    Hinode Tusyo Co.,Ltd. Tajima Jyozosyo

    Hinode Tusyo Co.,Ltd. Tajima Jyozosyo is a vinegar company which was founded in 2008 using discontinued elementary school a as facility.

    They try to keep good relationship with local people with supplying dishes using their product.

    Their most particular vinegar is Akasu※1. When they make Akasu, they keep vinegar in a natural storage and ferment it. This process is very traditional which has been used since a long time ago in Japan. At first, they age sake less for 3 years. After the aging, compress the vinegar with filtration, it takes 3 months to ferment and age. Due to this process, the vinegar has gentle sourness, rich flavor and deep richness. Great with mushrooms and fries.

    Akasu is a rich vinegar that is made from long-aged sake lees.


    About smoked vinegar

    They smoke mixed vinegar based on Akasu, with Japan cherry blossom chips. You can enjoy the aroma and taste of smoky flavor. Great with mushrooms too,


    Recipe by smoked vinegar

    Smoked vinegar mackerel


    mackerel                  ・・・1 fish

    Smoked vinegar      ・・・proper amount

    Salt                          ・・・proper amount


    1. Filleting a mackerel fish into three pieces

    2. Put salt on the fish and leave it for 1hour.

    3. Desalt the fish by rinsing off using water and remove wetness by paper towel.

    4. Put fish and smoked vinegar in pot. When soak the fish in the pot, sway the pot.

    5. After 10 minutes, turn over fish. Soak again for 10 minutes. Cut in pieces to serve.