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  • Shiso (perilla) leaf tea bags 10 x 2g

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    Real 100% Shiso (Perilla frutescen var.crispa) tea bags 10 x 2g

    Shiso is so loved in Japan and while it is a member of the mint family has its own unique sophisticated taste (some say similar to basil but is different again to both). Shiso complements all types of dishes and is readily available fresh in Australia. It is enormously hard to capture and indeed exaggerate that fresh flavour in a dried form but we have found a company that has achieved it.

    These amazing tea bags of 100% (Perilla frutescen var.crispa) that are sun dried and prepared in a way that enables chefs to infuse things with a very potent Shiso flavour that they wouldn't normally be able to do with fresh. It is herbaceous and citrusy and will not disappoint.

    Try rice, seafood, pickling, dressings (mignonette), pasta, meat, vinegars, shiso sugar and the list goes on. 100% no caffeine - this is also great as a special tea for pregnant or health conscious persons. We think this is the first in Australia.