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  • Shiso juice makes 1.5 litres!


    Shiso leaves in bag

    This amazing product actually produces 1.5 litres of Shiso juice (500g of really concentrated juice). There is a sugar packet in there if you want to make a drink but we recommend it can be used without the sugar for dressings, pickling and sauces. It is made of 100% shiso leaves and citric acid - that's it!

    Of course it also makes the BEST granitas and sorbets, jellies, savoury items, Shiso sour drinks, aperitifs and works beautifully with sweet sake!

    To use: Simmer shiso bag in 500ml water for 5 to 6 minutes until it turns black. Squeeze out shiso bag and if you want to add sugar at this time.After cooling down add the citric acid.  This will make about 500ml of concentrated shiso juice. If you want to make a drink water down x 3 otherwise keep stock solution in the refrigerator.

    Some suggested recipes can be found here: