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Shiitake EXTRACT Powder 100g


Very strong very fine Shiitake EXTRACT powder 100g!

This is truly amazing. The Shiitake are boiled down to a concentrated extract and then spray dried - so it is very strong and very rich in Umami. When you want to add a clear and strong shiitake flavour to a dish this is the Biz! Even when you add a small amount the umami added makes a deep taste difference. Shiitake powder also boosts the flavour of Katsuobushi and Kombu.

This is very strong and very fine - perfect to use in so many ways! 

Dressing 1:

Shiitake extract powder 0.4g

Vinegar 60ml

Soy sauce 60ml

Mirin 60ml

Mix all ingredients

Shoba tsuyu (recipe for one person)

Shiitake extract powder - 0.3g

Katsobushi 0.8g

Soy sauce 15ml

Mirin 8ml

Sugar 2g

Salt 1g

Water 270ml

Mix and boil