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  • Sansho pepper 10g


    Sansho Pepper Powder 10g

    Japanese spice 'Sansho' (Zanthoxylum piperitum - sometimes known as Japanese Pepper) is becoming very popular in Europe and is cited as the spice "de jour". See:

    Harvested in July and August, Kaneichi sansho grape berries are recognised by their amazing power, a delightful combination of lemon balm and kaffir lime leaf with a tongue numbing effect. Very cost effective as a little goes a long way. Include a tiny bit in deep fried fish or carrot soup - there are so many things you can do with this delightful spice! 

    Sansho (also known as prickly ash) has been used as a traditional medicine since ancient times. Studies indicate Sansho has an antioxidation function which inhibits cancer growth and enhances blood circulation preventing heart and brain disorders. It also activates internal organs and enhances digestion. This ancient medicine is also popular as a slimming supplement with recent research indicating Sansho's fat burning effect.

    This Sansho is undoubtedly the best quality on the marketplace and chefs have been surprised by its freshness and flavour over other Sansho powders in the marketplace.

    Use on all meats as a marinade,  in mayonnaise, sprinkled on grilled fish (marinade for squid is great!) or BBQ meat, numbing prawns or in desserts or sugar syrups. Delicious and refreshing. Cuts through fat.