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  • Sake Lees Powder 80g


    Sake lees are the lees left over from sake production. It is a very tasty and useful by product from making sake.

    Our Sake Lees (or Sakekasu) is dried, compressed and then flash cooked at +140C for 0.6 seconds and then ground in a very special process unique to Setto Tekko. You will find this powder to add very interesting and sophisticated flavour to your dishes.  Sake, flowers, yeast, sweetness. Use this for amazing flavour for savoury and sweet applications. Chefs are putting in on steaks, desserts, sprinking on almost anything. The "aftertaste" of this very special Sake Lees powder is amazing. Sake lees tastes like an umami rich sake. The Japanese hold this product in high esteem. 

    Made my Seto Tekko - you will love this!