Especially selected for all modern cuisines
  • Real smoked soy sauce 450g


    Features of the smoked soy sauce


    This smoked soy sauce is based on the brewed soy sauce which is made by Kyoto long-established soy sauce store (10 years Taisho establishment).

    Among those soy sauces, the supplier select a kind of "Murasaki Kyoto" which is aged for long time and it is suitable for any kind of cuisine because of its mild taste.

     In addition, it uses Fagus (Fagus crenata Blume) as smoking chips.

    As fagus is also used for making dried bonito in Japan, it has good compatibility with cooking.

     Suitable with egg

    Smoked soy sauce has particularly good compatibility with the egg. If you use it with egg, you feel good flavor of it.

    In Japan, we often put raw egg on the rice and put small quantity of soy sauce. And also it is good to put smoked soy sauce on tofu made of egg.

    Recommended Recipes
    ●Egg pickled in smoked soy sauce

    -       Smoked soy sauce 100

    -       Mirin 30

    -       Water 130

    -       Sugar a little

    Put boiled eggs into those mixed liquid and keep them in a refrigerator for 30-60 min.

    Please adjust how long you pickle it. You also use soft-boiled eggs as it is kept in a refrigerator.


    ●Cream cheese with Wasabi

    If you put a little smoked soy sauce and wasabi on the cream cheese, it will be tasty side dish.


    Adding smoked soy sauce 20cc into chicken broth 300cc, it will be delicious soup.