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  • Premium Shottsuru Fish Sauce 130g


    ‘Shottsuru’ in the TOP 3 of Japanese fish sauce 130g

    Fish sauce had originally been known as almighty condiment in South-eastern Asian countries, such as Nam pla from Thai land, Nuoc mam from Vietnam, and Tuk trey from Cambodia. Since ancient times in Japan also, it seems to have been sold in market place according to Japanese historical book.

    Shottsuru made from HataHata (Arctoscopus japonicus) fish from Akita prefecture is one of the top 3 most famous fish sauce in Japan.

    Its history had started in beginning of Edo era, it was supposed to be made by only salt and fish. However that kind of authentic Shottsuru had disappeared for long time from Akita prefecture.


    Moroi Jozo 

    They had started to produce that authentic Shottsuru in 1983 as they found that there was no real, authentic one in Japanese market. It was their desire to revive the product to keep their important tradition by themselves.


    HataHata -Sailfin sandfish (Arctoscopus japonicus)

    HataHata is originated from Akita prefecture in Japan, and people had been using this fish that people could catch a lot in very winter season a lot.


    How to produce Shottsuru by Moroi jozo

    It is the biggest key point for Moroi jozo to produce Shottsuru with delicate taste and flavor by using only HataHata and salt.

    Shottsuru had been made at every family in old times, as people could not had soy sauce that time as it was extremely high end product.

    Moroi jozo had kept trying for many years to produce real and authentic Shottsuru even though the fish is caught in limited season (2 months) and it was expensive.

    Finally, in 2000, they have met with success to produce it.

    Normally it is imaged that fish sauce has too strong smell and taste, but for sure, you will be surprised by their Shottsuru which matches with any kind of your dishes. Their Shottsuru has amazing possibilities and applications. It is very concentrated. 


    "Shottsuru" bouillabaisse-style soup

    Ingredients 4 servings

    "Butter 10g,  Garlic 1 piece, Carrot(small) 1, Onion 1/2, Leek 2,

    Chinese cabbage 1/4, Parsley,  laurel leaf, Shottsuru 3 tbsp,

    Kombu stock 600cc, Canned tomatoes 50g, Codfish 2 pieces, Shottsuru 1tbsp,

    Mussels and scallops 4 for each, short-necked clams 8 pieces, Shrimp with head 4 pieces, White wine 1 tbsp, Salt and pepper, Curry powder 1 tsp for each.


    1. Cut vegetables into slices

    2. Melt the butter in the pot and saute garlic, onion and carrot.Put kombu stock, parsley stem, laurel leaf, tomatoes, salt, pepper and Shottsuru into the pot. Simmer over low heat until the vegetables becaome soft.

    3. Sprinkle Shottsuru 1 tbsp on codfish. Wash shellfishes well.

    4. When the vegetables are cooked, put white wine, codfish, leek and chinese cabbage. At last, put shellfishes and curry powder. Add parsley, salt and pepper to finish.

     Short-necked clams and egg soup

    Ingredients 2 servings

    "Short-necked clams 150g, Water 600cc, Kombu 10cm, Shottsuru 2 tbsp, Egg 2, Parsley


    How to make

    1. Place kombu and water in the pot and simmer it. After it gets warm, put washed clams.

    2. When the clams are open, pour Shottsuru and eggs. When the eggs are cooked, add the parsley to finish.


    Pickled vegetables in Shottsuru

    Ingredients 4 servings

    "Vegetables(cucumber, carrot, celery, paprika etc)as much as you please, Soy sauce 1/2 tbsp, Yellow soft sugar 1/2 tbsp, Brewed vinegar 1 tbsp, Lemon juice 1tsp, Shottsuru 1.5 tbsp, water 1 tbsp, Rounds of red chili pepper a lttle bit


    How to make

    1. Place all of liquid seasonings into a plastic bag with zipper and mix it.

    2. Cut carrot and radish into rectangles and slice celery and sprinkle salt on them.

    3. Remove wetness from the vegetables with cooking paper.

    4. Pickle the vegetables in the bag for over 1hour.


    Fried lotus root chips and Shottsuru dressing

    Ingredients 4 servings

    "Lotus root 200g, Frying oil, (A)-(Shottsuru 1 tbsp, Black vinegar 1 tbsp, Sesame oil 1 tbsp, Sugar 1~2 tsp), Fresh vegetables(Lettuce, sliced onions, tomato etc)


    How to make

    1. Peel the skin of lotus root and cut into slice with a slicer.

    2. Wash the sliced lotus root and remove wetness with cooking paper.

    3. Fry it lightly in 180 oil.

    4. Mix (A) and fried lotus root. It is done to serve it on the dish.


    Vegetable "Shottsuru" fritter

    Ingredients 4 servings

    Turnip 1, Lotus root 100g, Asparagu 2, Flour 1/2 cup, Starch 2 tbsp, Baking powder 1/2 tsp, Shottsuru 1 tsp, Sugar 1/2 tsp, Salad oil 1 tsp.


    How to make

    1. Cut lotus root into 1cm slice, Slice turnup into 8 pieces of wedges. Peel the skin of asparagu and cut it into 4 pieces.

    2. Boil the vegetables lightly and cool them.

    3. Place water 1/2 cup and Shottsuru, sugar, and oil in the bowl and mix them. Add sifted flour, starch and baking powder and mix them. This is the batter of fritter.

    4. Dip the vegetables in the batter and fry them lightly in 170 oil.


    Oyster escargot style

    Ingredients 2 servings

    Oyster 4, Shottsuru 2 tsp, Butter 40g, Chopped onion 1 tbsp, Chopped garlic 1 tbsp, Chopped parsley a lttle bit, bread crumb 4 tbsp


    How to make

    1. Prepare for oysters with shell. Taking off the oysters from the shell and wash them well with salt water.

    2. Sprinkle Shottsuru on the oysters and leave them for 10 min.

    3. Bring the butter back to room temperature, and mix chopped onion, garlic, and parsley with the butter.

    4. Place the oysters in the shell, sprinkle 1 tbsp of bread crumb on the top of them and put the butter on them. Cook them in an oven until they get browned.


    Steamed oyster with "Shottsuru"

    Ingredients 4 servings

    Oyster 300g, Leek 1, Shiitake mushrooms 8, Olive oil 1 tsp, Shottsuru 2 tbsp, Sake 1 tbsp, pepper a little bit


    How to make

    1. Rub the oysters with starch, remove the dirty parts from them and wash out with water. Cut leek diagonally.

    "2. Place the oysters, leek and shiitake mashroom and sprinkle sake, Shottsuru and pepper. Steam them for 5~7 min over high heat. It is done to put olive oil.

    Peperoncino with "Shottsuru"

    Ingredients 1 serving

    "Spaghettini 100g, chicken breast strips 1,

    Komatsuna1(cut each 5cm) 2, 1Komatuna is Japanese mustard spinach.

    A{(1 Clove of garlic(thin slice)Red pepper(a little bit)}

    Shottsuru 1 tsp, Yuzu Kosho2 alittle bit, Olive oil , Salt

    2Yuzu Kosho is spice which mixed Yuzu and salt with red or green pepper"


    How to make

    "1. Place salt, pasta and chicken breast strips put in boiled water. After 2 miniuts, rip the chicken breast strips by hands.

    2minutes before having spaghettini boiled up, put komatsuna. Take boiled water 2tbsp."

    2. Place olive oil 2tbsp and A in a pan. And stir frying at low heat until the aroma comes out.

    3. Take spagettini out of the pot and stir fry it with 2tbsp of boiled water and shottsuru. After serve dish put yuzu kosho.

    Pasta of tomato and eggplant

    Ingredients 2 serving

    "Spaghettini 200g, Olive oil 3tbsp, 1clove of garlic, Onion1/2, Canned tomatoes 1

    Shottsuru 1tbsp, Basil 3 leaf , eggplant 2 , Fried oil "


    How to make

    "1. Place olive oil and garlic(mince) put in a pan. After flavoring, add onion mince saute until wilted in a pot. When add the canned tomatoes, squeeze tomatoes combine Shottsuru and Basil leaf cook slowly at 20 miniutes.

    2. Cut eggplant by 1cm round slices, fry the eggplant.

    3. Place fried eggplant put in a tomato sauce that boiling tomato sauce and eggplant.

    4. In boiled water put salt(1%) and spaghettini, place Spaghettini and 3tbsp boiled water mix with tomato sauce . Serve a dish, It is done to put parsley on Spagettini.


    Stick of Vegetable "Dipping Shottsuru"

    Ingredients 2 serving

    Dipping sauce(Shottsuru 2/5 tsp, mayonnaise 2tbsp, Sugar 1/5 tsp) ,Carrot1/3 ,Celery1/2 ,Paprika(red and yellow)1/4 x each, Radish 1


    How to make

    "1. Cut radish by round slices, other vegetables cut 7cm by stick form. Serve a dish these vegetables.


    2. Mix dipping sauce above ingredient. Dip vegetables in this sauce and enjoy.


    Japanese style Bruschetta

    Ingredients 2 serving

    "Tomato1/2, Mozzarella cheese1/2(50g), Avocado1/2, Bucket proper quantity, A(Shottsuru 1tsp and 1/2 ,olive oil 1tsp and 1/2

    and yuzu pepper a little bid) Black pepper, italian parsely and basil each proper quantity "


    How to make

    "1. Cut tomato, mozzarella cheese and avocado each 1cm cut into dice

    2. Place cut dice and A put in a bowl.  

    3. Above mixing vegtable put on buckets,