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  • Premium Rapeseed oil with special Green Onion (Kujo negi) from Kyoto 200ml


    Premium Rapeseed oil with special Kyoto Green Onion – Kujo Negi 200ml

    This multi-stalked, non-bulbing Japanese green onion is one of the kyo yasai, or traditional vegetables of the Kyoto region. It is soft and juicy, with a sweet flavor that goes well with many dishes. Unlike the Western type green/spring onion the Kujo Negi is almost all green with a very small white part. Green onions have a long history in Japan. They have been cultivated since the Edo period (1603-1868).

    This oil is THE BEST. Every chef who has tried it has loved it. Very well rounded and smooth with no bitterness. It is super super delicious and will become a staple in the kitchen. It also contains 6% garlic.

     It has been said that scallions are good for anyone who has caught a cold because the onion warms the body, helping us to recover from fatigue. In addition, it enhances metabolism, contains vitamin A, is rich in vitamin C and carotene, and it has a general health-promoting power.