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  • Ougon (Golden Chilli) powder 10g


    Golden (Ougon or ogon) chilli  pepper powder 10g

    This very rare and beautiful pepper is the HOTTEST in Japan. It is literally translated as "Golden Pepper". Make no mistake - you only need a tiny sprinkle of this stuff to add the zing, aroma AND flavour you are looking for in spicy stir fries, Japanese curries, noodles, mayonnaise, rubs, oils, marinades, dressings and more. But it is more than HOT - it is also delicious!

    This rare chilli is said to be TEN times hotter than the regular Japanese red pepper so you use very little and the colour is also awesome in dishes. In Japan they use this in curry's and udon noodles.

    As you know the colour Gold is very significant in Japan and they even celebrate Golden Week. This HOT will satisfy those looking for a spicy, flavour-full kick in every way. Some people love chilli and this will be a huge talking point. Of course, it also doesn't dye oils etc red.  Very sought after and first time in Australia!!!