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  • Ume plum umeboshi not salted with no additives 100g


    Slightly sweet Umeboshi plums - just like Grandma used to make 100g (no additives)

    Made with RIPE Umeboshi - you normally see these in shops in salt but we have found the traditional recipe that is so YUM and juicy. Mostly they are picked unripe to save them from insects but not our little goodies.

    Made with: Prune Nanko ume (an umeboshi plum that has a very light skin (73% namko umeboshi plum, slight salt, brown sugar and apple vinegar they are the perfect flavour, texture and deliciousness to add to your dishes. To make them this company also uses a bit of mikan (mandarin) nectar along with mirin and sugar (but they are not overly sweet at all).  Normally you only can get these in salt so these are very special.  A little of this unique plum/apricoty flavour goes a long way. Add to dressings, pasta, FISH, sauces, marinades for meat. YUMMO. Juicy and delicious.

    These are made by putting them in the sun and they only have 7% salt which is unusual as most have 14% salt. Usually if you have under 14% salt you need additives to preserve but this company are unique in the fact they have perfected 7% salt only without the plums going off. These have NO ADDITIVES. Very special product.