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  • Norikuro seaweed paste with yuzu kosho 360g


    Norikuro - Nori seaweed paste with Yuzu Kosho (salted spicy Yuzu peel) 360g

    Norikuro is a delicious seaweed paste with a slight spiciness from Yuzu kosho. Norikuro is grown in the Ariake Sea during the cold winter months from October to March. The first Autumn harvest from seeding is mid-November. This nori paste is known for having a wealth of nutrients from the sea where it is grown. It is also known for its sweetness and full bodied aroma.

    Very little of this small harvest makes its way onto the market. Only the nori from the first two harvests are used to ensure quality and flavour.

    How to use

    Norikuro is perfect for rice, seafood, soups, bread, mayonnaise, vegetables, pasta and much more. Wieeth its fragrance of the seashore, clean sweet citron aftertaste and a touch of spice its sure to become a favourite!

    Salmon with Norikuro

    350g Salmon fillet

    120cc extra virgin olive oil

    1 clove garlic

    10g each of dill, chervil and continental parsley 

    Genoa Sauce:

    80g basil

    50g roasted pine nut

    1 clove garlic

    salt and pepper to taste

    30g parmesan cheese

    200g norikuro seaweed paste

    50g konbu

    small amount of olive oil and shiso powder

    20g onion

    10g each of red and yellow bell pepper

    Mix norikosho paste with shiso kombu and olive oil, cut salmon into 70g pieces, make genoa sauce. mix olive oil herbs chopped garlic and black pepper and marinade salmon for 4 hours. Preheat room temperate salmon to preheated oven, when half cooked pour marinade over salmond.  Remove Salmon from oven and brush Norikuro over salmon and dress with rest of marinade. Garnish with finely chopped bell peppers and onion.

    Recipe for Seafood with Norikuro

    25 Blue swimmer crabs

    25 prawns

    25 scallops

    25 little octopus

    5 cloves garlic

    a little red pepper

    60g Norikuro

    15 cherry tomatoes

    150cc olive oil

    To prepare: Marinate seafood overnight with Norikuro. Heat skillet and saute garlic and red pepper and then add seafoood. Dish with asparagus and fried tomatoes.