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  • Nameko Mushrooms - dried 10g

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    DRIED NAMEKO MUSHROOMS from HIKIMI NAMEKO CENTER 10g (which is a lot this is very light)


    What is Nameko mushroom?

    Nameko mushroom is a small, amber-brown mushroom with gelatinous coating. It is one of Japan’s most popular cultivated mushrooms as it is used as an ingredient in miso soup and you can make dashi stock from this mushroom. It is the second most loved mushroom in Japan after Shiitake. In America its called the butterscotch mushroom. Its often used in stir fries. Its tiny button like appearance will do much for your dishes.

    It is also superior to the content of protein and dietary fiber among the kinds of mushrooms. Its gelatinous coating makes it so special and if used right really loved by chefs.


    Dried Nameko mushroom from Hikimi-cho

    Hikimi-cho has a lot of mountains with broad-leaved forest. This is the good point to cultivate Nameko mushroom as the mushroom is cultivated in sawdust.

    Their Nameko mushrooms are cultivated in mushroom beds made with the 100% natural Japanese sawdust. The mushroom has strong fragrance and thick meat compared to other Nameko mushrooms.

    Also the mushrooms are picked by hand with scissors, not by machine. Staffs do hand picking, doing visual sort carefully to make sure the sizes are almost equal.

    Dried mushrooms have great texture and you can stock it for long time.

    How to use

    Put it in soup such as miso soup, stir fries, pate

    Deep fry it and enjoy the crispy texture and itself on some dish

    Cook with other ingredients as you like - this has a unique texture that you can explore and make an exceptional experience!