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  • Mikan (mandarin) Shichimi 5g


    Mikan (mandarin) Shichimi 5g 

    Mikan Shichimi (7 spices)

    Mikan,Red Chili, Sansho, Yuzu, Jabara, GInger and Shiso
    This is the most aromatic and delicious spice mix - very heavy on the citrus - it is DELICIOUS! 

    Ito Noen Founded 118 years ago, Ito Noen uses Wakayama-grown citrus to produce and market 100% pure juice, kanten gelee marmalade, and other additive-free products. Company president Ito describes the secret of his products’ success, saying “We devised a machine to squeeze only the flesh of citrus fruits. We place halved fruits on a bowl-shaped machine which squeezes gently from above. Only the inside is squeezed, leaving the peel behind, so it’s just like eating fresh citrus”. The company’s Kanten Gelee uses 100% pure juice, solidifi ed with nothing but kanten (Japanese agar) and sweetened with raw sugar. No pectin, gelatin, or other additives are used to produce the subtly balanced jellyish sensation. Spend some luxurious time enjoying it.
    WAKAYAMA colors Japan’s dining tables Wakayama is warm, but its deep mountains create large temperature differences. Its abundant sea blends together the benefits from the riches of Kuroshio current from the south and the Seto Inland Sea from the north. Wakayama Prefecture, which shows different expressions in each season and region, is truly a treasury of food. Long ago, when the area was isolated by mountains, each household planted persimmon trees and tea in its garden, as well as cultivating crops such as soy and rice. In mountainous areas, food culture was dominated by vegetables and wild mountain plants, while in coastal regions, an individualistic food culture centered on fresh fish grew up. These days, foods made in Wakayama are national brands. There are fruits and other high-quality produce, ayu (sweetfish) from the rivers, and a diverse range of fish, such as ribbonfish, katsuo (bonito) and maguro (tuna), are landed from the sea, all brightening Japan’s dining tables with colours.