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Matcha powder (Evergreen Superfine) 30g


Evergreen Superfine Matcha powder 30g

This amazing Matcha powder is of the highest quality and superfine so dissolves completely in liquid (no grainy texture). This is the only Matcha in the world that:

* The colour doesn't fade under light

* The colour doesn't fade under high temperature (it is OK at 95 degrees 1 hour or 121 degrees for 20 minutes)

* 100% Matcha powder (Camellia sinensis), no additives or chemicals

* Colour is stable and doesn't fade with time (normal Matcha will take a brownish hue) or in a baking process

* The colour doesn't fade with acidic conditions. Normal Matcha will turn brown but our Evergreen Matcha will retain its colour

* Is good for chocolate, yoghurt and jelly as it is so superfine it will mix well with other ingredients

* Has strong taste so use less than normal Matcha.

* This is special Matcha