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  • Marbled kombu sheets x 10


    Marbled Kombu with vinegar 18.5x16.5cm 10 sheets

    Marbled kombu sheets are composed of lashes of manually scraped kombu (oborokombu), harvested on the shore of Hokkaido island and macerated in alcohol vinegar for a whole day.

    Only the heart of the Kombu is used which is very tender and rich in flavour. So attractive, they almost look like wood grain and add a huge presentation value to your dish.

    Ideal to wrap fish (the umami flavour goes into the fish) - portion and salt the fish and leave for 30 minutes. Dampen Kombu with linen dampened with vinegar & water. Dry fish and wrap in Kombu sheet and leave in the fridge for 6 hours to allow time for the fish to be infused with flavours. Cook in a normal or steam oven. They go translucent on wet fish (eg salmon) for a great effect.

    You can also make maki rolls, roast, eat raw, fry, cut up for decoration, roast etc. See what other leading restaurants are doing with it: