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Kisuke Power Koji powder 3 x 30g


The Amazing Kisuke POWER Koji Powder 3 x 30g

This product - this brand is considered one of Japan's TOP 500 FOOD TREASURES see here:

This is different from our Shio Koji in the sense that it will work quicker and without SALT. This is a very powerful powder so you only need a little for it to work. Can also be used as a starter for Miso and Sake.

 Please please read this article to understand this wonder ingredient: This is *AMAZEBALLS* what more can we say!

This KOJI POWER POWDER tendersizes food and adds amazing flavour (like adding MSG but this stuff is wonderfully healthy to your gut). To import this we have had to sign a confidentiality agreement.  This is an AMAZING product that works really fast and ALSO IS WITHOUT SALT. Please see our other product Shio Koji for recipe ideas BUT use this product when you don't want to add salt - (think adding it to Wagyu/Tuna tartare, on bacon, in desserts etc!!)..

Kojiya Honten has made Koji for more than 320 years starting in 1689!! Kojiya Honten was established in the Genroku era by Nobuyoshi Kichizaemon Asari a navy captain of the Sendou group of the Saiki domain.Since then, our family has been handmaking koji for the people of Saiki. We are still making Koji in the SAME SHOP on the same street in Saiki city for NINE family generations!!!!

We are committed to producing high quality koji using the time honoured methods with techniques passed down from our ancestors. No preservatives or artificial colours are used in our koji.

HOW TO USE: For sauces, condiments and dressings use 1g of Kisuke POWER POWDER for every 10g of sauce

For Meat Fish and VegetablesL use 5% of Kisuke POWER POWDER for every 100g of meat

Try 5% with grilled dishes, simmered, steamed, stir fry dishes and pickles.

Koji or mold grown on steamed rice, is an indispensable ingredient for brewing soy sauce, miso paste, mirin (sweet sake), and all other fermented seasonings which form the foundation of Japanese cuisine. This rice malt condiment was created by Kojiya Honten Ltd., a company of Saeki City, Oita Prefecture, which for more than 320 years has specialized in production of mold grown on rice. The company was inspired by the ambition to bring rice malt into the food culture and lifestyle of people all over the world as an easy-to-use seasoning. This condiment is a versatile food ingredient that contains more than 100 varieties of live enzymes, glucose, oligosaccharides, amino acids, and vitamins, as well as digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. As a condiment, it can be mixed with various food ingredients or directly sprinkled on foods in order to highlight and enhance their flavor. Used on a daily basis, it will ensure not only a delicious and effortless dining, but also a healthy lifestyle.