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  • Japanese mustard seeds in vinegar 150g by Yamesei no additives


    Special Japanese mustards seeds in vinegar 150g by Yamesi no additives

    The ummiest tiny mustards seeds from japan with only a tiny it of vinegar (not strong like the French mustard seeds). Incredible got the *yumstar* from chefs. Perfection to add to a dish.No additives or overly strong and also  have a lovely pop.Tiny these will go a long way but add that extra mile. Everyone who has tasted them says thumbs up!!

    Yamasei Co.
    Yamasei Co. which is located in Ayauta-gun, Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku island has manufactured and sold ‘Anko’ (Azuki beans paste), ‘Kinako’ (Soy bean powder), and ‘Karashi’ (Japanse mustard) since establishment. They have been particular about not using additives and esteemed in traditional natural flavor of Anko, Kinako and Karashi.
    They believe that human lives are protected by agricultural foods which are grown in natural fields. They would like to make the path for conveying healthy agricultural foods from farmers to customers with reasonable price as a food supplier.
    It is important for them that they keep supplying Japanese traditional foods and flavors and do creating new food culture.