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  • Hon Wasabi (37%) (wasabi japonica) 42g


    Hon Wasabi (Wasabi Japonica) 42g tube (37% wasabi)

    Hold your breath! For the first time in Australia (we think) we have provided a really good - REAL Wasabi in a tube.  Go over to your pantry. The tube you have there has NO wasabi in it we bet - it is pure horseradish with an awful dye. Not ours!! Ours is Wasabi Japonica (the very best) and NO horseradish! and what a great price!

    This paste is much tastier, very powerful and is a natural colour.

    The makers, Tamaruya have been making Wasabi since 1874 and has won many medals in competitions. You know what to do with it! Go forth and create delights! This is a MUST have for any chef!