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  • A grade authentic Yoshino Hon Kuzu (Kudzu) starch 100g


    Hon Kuzu (Kudzu or Kuzko) starch (Pueraria lobata) by Morino Yoshinokudzu honpo 100g

    Kuzu is the most superior thickening agent and rapidly gaining attention from Western chefs. Made from the root of the Kuzu plant.

    It adds a shiny gloss and body to soups, a smooth texture to sauces and gravy (with no "starchy" aftertaste) and can be used to make Japanese style desserts or thicken sweet or savoury fillings (and helps balance the sweetness). Kuzu can also be deep fried (try using it as a dust to deep fry - you will like its light crisp coating.  

    Why our Kuzu is different - most Kuzu on the market is NOT produced this way:

    Morino Yoshinokudzu honpo

    Kuzu is categorized as Fabaceae, climbing plant which scientific name is Pueraria lobate. People have loved this plant as it blooms beautiful flower on season. The powder from Kuzu root is known as top of top quality among starch powders. Also 100% pure Kuzu powder produced in a special way is known as ‘Hon Kuzu’ .

    How to produce authentic Kuzu powder

    Authentic Kuzu powder is only made from the root picked in the middle of the Winter as the starches are the highest level in the root. The root is then crushed and soaked into coldest water repeatedly810 timesto remove scum and foreign bodies. It needs only natural cold water for the procedure, it means that quality of water effects on the quality of product directly. That is why pure, best quality of water and air in winter time is very important to producing Kuzu powder. After soaking in water, there is the process of drying (natural drying) for about 50 days, which is finishing processfor the total process, it needs 2-3 months. It is simple procedure, but needs time and much human power, which is the reason of reflection in the price. From the harvest of the fresh root to this last stage the kuzu will have lost more than 85 % of its weight. There are only a few companies to produce real, authentic Kuzu powder because of these reasons.  Morino Yoshino Kuzu Honpo has supplied the Imperial Palace, temples and, in their time, shoguns, feudal lords, and samurai families over the centuries. 

    How to use

    Dissolve Kuzu 10g in cold water and add it to some liquid of 1000cc. Simmer it and it will go translucent and thhicken. It will also keep the liquid hotter.

    Traditional and Authentic technique of making Kuzu

    Morino Yoshinokudzu honpo locates in Nara prefecture (‘Yoshino’ is the area of Nara prefecture) where keeps abundant nature and historical culture. They keep traditional procedure to produce authentic Hon Kuzu powder which is called “White diamond”. Morino Yoshinokudzu honpo has been running since 450 years ago and it is 20th generation now. This area has enough clear groundwater and is very chilly in winter time which is best environment for producing Hon Kuzu powder. Yoshino Hon Kuzu is known as especially great quality among Kuzu powders. There are many kinds of Yoshino Kuzu powders in market place but almost of them are made by mixing with sweet potato starch, which cannot be called ‘Yoshino HON Kuzu’.

    Kuzu should not be confused with arrowroot, potato starch, and corn starch. Corn starch, in particular, is not recommended because it is highly processed and treated with chemical bleaches and toxic extracting agents. Potato starch is also mass-produced, and chemicals are used to accelerate the extraction process. While arrowroot is made by a simple, natural process, kuzu is far superior in jelling strength, taste, texture, and healing qualities. Chef Ferran Adria uses it to make olive oil chips.