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  • Salted Green Mikan (Japanese mandarin) 150g


    SALTED GREEN MIKAN (mandarin) 150g


    Tai Meshi - Snapper fillets marinated in SALTED GREEN MIKAN, cooked with Rice

    Ingredients (serves 4)

    Snapper fillets x2

    Salted Green Mikan … small amount for marinating/2 tablespoon for sauce

    Rice … 2 cups

    Mitsuba (wild parsley) … 1 bunch

    Water … 350cc

    Kombu 5cm x 10cm … 1 sheet

    Sake … 1 tablespoon

    Soy sauce … 1 teaspoon



    1. Place the rice in a sieve. Immerse the sieve in a bowl of cold water to give the rice a quick wash. Rinse the rice in clean water. Change the water a few times until it hardly has any milky colour. Drain.

    2. Marinate snapper fillets with small amount od Salted Green  Mikan for 10 minutes. Remove moisture with kitchen paper.

    3. Grill the snapper fillets until golden on both sides.

    4. Put rice, Kombu, water, 2 teaspoons of Salted Green Mikan, Sake, soy sauce in a rice cooker and place snapper fillets on the top.

    5. Garnish with Mitsuba.


    Salmon Tartare with SALTED GREEN MIKAN

    Ingredients (serves 2)


    Sashimi quality salmon … 180g

    chopped onion … 10g

    olive oil …. 1 tablespoon

    Salted Green Mikan … 1 teaspoon

    honey … 1 teaspoon

    vinegar … ½ teaspoon

    ground pepper … small amount

    herbs (dill or chives) … small amount


    1. Cut salmon in small bits

    2. Soak chopped onion in water then drain. Remove moisture with kitchen paper.

    3. Put Salted Green Mikan, honey, vinegar in a large bowl. Mix well. Gradually add olive oil and whisk.

    4. Add salmon and onion into the bowl. Keep it in the refrigerator

    5. Garnish with herbs and black pepper to serve.


    Green(yellow green)





    How to use

    Easy to use for various dishes
    Seasoning of food (For baking, steaming, Saute)

    Go well with

    Meat, fish, vegetables

    Recommend recipes

    Lightly pickles / Dressing

    Dipping sauce/Pasta

    Meat dish / Fish dish



    Sharp fragrance with sour

    Miyamoto Orange Garden is located in Yawatahama City, Nishiuwa District, Ehime Prefecture. Yawatahama City is one of the top producing area with Japan's finest three major brand mikan (Hinomaru, Maana, Kawakami). In the terraced fields of sloping land, sweet and delicious mikan grow up in the sun and the Uwa Sea.

    About salted mikan

    During the cultivation of mikan, in order to make good mikan and reduce the burden on trees, we will perform fruit thinning work during the summer from July to October.

    Until now, the mikan which was thinned out was discarded on the spot and returned to the earth, we thought that whether or not we could use it effectively.

    As a result of learning about the seasoning "Salt Lemon" originating in Morocco and widely used in Europe, we developed the "Salted Green Mikan" utilizing thinned mikan as a mikan version. This Mikan (mandarin) is very different taste to Australian Mandarins.

    Also, from the request of customers who tried the Salted Green Mikan, want to use salted mikan with sweet mikan for cooking, we developed "Salted Mikan" made with mature mikan - see RIPE Red Mikan on our site for his product.

    Mikan is the representative fruit of Japan that boasts to the world. The mikan are also excellent as a seasoning, easily make use of the surrounding ingredients. We got a high valuation from chefs and the people who like to cook.