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Fully ripe Ume Puree 100g


Fully ripe unsweeted Ume Puree 100g

Very rare we are pleased to announce we have fully ripe unsweetened Ume Puree 100g

So delicious mixed with soy sauce, or as a condiment with duck mixed with sugar, vinegar, salt, ginger, chili, and garlic. Perfect to sweeten to taste, prefect in desserts or syrups too! No chemicals or additives. Although its often referred to as a plum it is actually more related to an apricot.

Fukami Ume Ten started umeboshi production in 1940. They strictly use Nanko Ume which are ripened on the tree and naturally fall on the nets placed on the grounds. Amoung them they only select the largest to make this puree. The company also prides itself for playing Mozart in their factory as it is well known to have an effect on tenderising the taste!