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  • Freeze dried Miso Sprikles 500g


    Freeze dried Miso sprinkles 500g

    Great for sprinkling on canapes, entrees, mains or adding to breads or desserts (even ice cream) where you don't want extra liquid but want the flavour. Can also be added to liquid to give it the umami effect.

    Kanesa Miso has been trading for 130 years.In 1982, Kanesa obtained an international patent crowning its production method for freeze-dried miso known as "paramiso ". Its unique freeze dry production method preserves the natural miso taste and has been awarded gold medals at the seven last prestigious "World Selection" events which groups into categories and crowns the World's finest foods. 

    Tsugaru Miso means miso from the Tsugaru region, in other words miso produced in the renowned Aomori Prefecture. It's a red miso made from soya and rice koji, fermented over a long period dictated by the hard Tsugaru region climate.  These granules are about 11% salt (low for miso) but the fermentation period is still long and the umami very strong.