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  • Nii Tsumasan vegetable sheeting machine back in stock!

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    Nii Tsumasan Chiba Vegetable sheeting machine and garnish -BACK IN STOCK!

    We bring these in directly periodically due to chefs request but we have to buy in bulk to get this price.  $385 + GST +$15 flat fee shipping Australia wide. 

    These machines normally retail for over $550 + GST in Australia IF you can get one - so this is a complete bargain!!  This is the best machine available in the world from the best manufacturer and will keep going until for years!!  

    So what does it do? It makes CONTINUOUS ULTRA THIN vegetable sheets from all hard veggies like daikon, carrot, potato & apple. This enables you to do so many creative things as well as cater for those who are vegetarian/vegan/gluten free as well as others. When you rotate the handle the blade will slide left to right which makes it shining as if you used a really sharp knife.

    Think the thinnest apple dessert you have ever done or the most amazing vegetarian side dish/lasagne. Think wraps that are in veggies - think compressing the veggies/fruit sheets in super amazing creations - think deep frying etc for even more wow meals. There is SO many amazing things you can do. Rest assured this is the best quality machine in the world and will last for years not some cheap imitation. These normally retail at approx $550 + gst so this is a complete bargain.

    We only accept credit card orders for this! Its so cheap and are margin is so low we can't wait months to get repaid for this. 

    It is a sister machine of “Peel S” which has a great reputation. Even though it is smaller than “Peel S” the unique blade sliding mechanism similar to Peel S will provide the sharpness close to the hand cutting.Also, the standard machine can cut rotary peel and garnish. The blade parts are easily changeable.

    Blade slide mechanism
    UNIT SIZE 260×240×165mm
    WEIGHT 1.0kg
    GARNISH SIZE 0.8mm(special order 0.6mm)
    THICKNESS OF THE ROTARY PEEL ?0.8mm ?1.0mm ?1.2mm ?1.4mm

    By changing the space from the at blade by adjusting the top lid of the rotary peel bench left and

    right, you can adjust the thickness in 4 levels. (You can use up to 2 thickness adjustment sheets.)