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  • Whole cherry blossoms in liquid syrup 500g


    Sakura Cherry Blossoms - 500g

    Sakura Cherry blossoms in sweet liquid syrup come in 500g bags (which have approximately 150 flowers in each bag). Make the most delightful cocktails or use in jelly, toppings for cheesecakes etc.

    Ingredients: Sugar, cherry blossom flowers, salt, plum vinegar, red cabbage colour. Have a lovely sweet flavour (no plum vinegar flavour).  Great with desserts, pancakes, savoury etc. BUT also:

    Make awesome cocktails or "sakura" soda's and the flowers actually dance in the bubbles!! Note shorter stem than the picture. Note: choose a soda water that doesn't have really strong bubbles (slow rolling bubbles are best for flower dancing) if you want the flowers to dance rather than be flattened at the top of the glass!!

    Sakura Soda

    Soda  200ml

    Syrup 10ml

    1 Sakura flower 


    Sakura Royale 

    150ml Sparkling wine

    2 teaspoons syrup

    1 Sakura flower