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  • Cherry blossom flower and leaf Puree 500g


    W Sakura Plus 500g – cherry blossom flower and leaf puree 

    W Sakura Plus is a product already prepared for confectioners. In Japan this product is mixed with cream and sugar and used to make ice cream, wet desserts such as cheese cake and panna cotta's or bakery products such as macarons (and we highly recommend use in meringues!!) . It is almost hoisin-y in flavour (although it only contains 0.77% plum vinegar for preservation) and you won't believe on straight tasting its meant for sweet applications. However when cream and sugar are added in the right proportions (or just sugar with meringues)  it tastes like a wild strawberry/raspberry cross. However:

    In Australia, Chefs often use this with meat (duck, pork, quail, chicken etc) and also added to jus (or make it into JAM to go with meat) very successfully as it is not sweet in this puree form. You will taste cassia or cinnamon but there is none in there - that is the cherry blossom leaf.  If you understand what you can do with this amazing product it will be your new best ingredient. 100% natural. Looks wonderful on a menu. Note stock photo of jus - we can not guarantee what colour it comes out as added to jus as it depends on other ingredients. Awesome on a menu as its an ingredient people can't buy to serve at home.

    Ingredients: Sakura cherry blossom flowers, sakura cherry blossom leaves, plum vinegar, sugar, salt and natural colouring. Very cost effective to use. 1 pouch = 500 grams. This puree has a very sophisticated flavour with a quiet cassia/cinnamon overtone from the cherry blossom leaf.


    Please note this is a very concentrated product so just use a little. When made up correctly and mixed with cream and sugar it tastes like a cross between wild raspberry/strawberry. Use less than below to start with for a more western flavour.

    How to use W Sakura plus:

    Cream/Ice cream/yoghurt – mix 5-10% for a cherry blossom flavour

    Pastries/Cakes/macarons/meringues – mix 5-8% to make pastries/macarons/cakes

    Mousses/Puddings/cheesecakes/panna cotta - mix 2-3% into mousses and wet desserts

    Meat Jus - to taste.