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  • Sansho pepper berries - candied 20g


    Candied Sansho Berries 20g

    Japanese spice 'Sansho' (Zanthoxylum piperitum - sometimes known as Japanese Pepper) is becoming very popular in Europe and is cited as the spice "de jour". Sansho berries resemble tiny capers in size but have an attractive marked skin so they look quite different. See:

    Harvested in July and August, tiny Kaneichi sansho grape berries are recognised by their amazing power, a delightful combination of lemon balm and kaffir lime leaf over very peppery, spicy notes (not hot). It has a tongue numbing effect that people love (much less present in candied version). Fantastic new garnish that adds flavour. Jar is 20g but holds a lot of these tiny berries.