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  • Black shallot "Rakkyo" 100g from Tottori


    Black Shallot (Rakkyo) by Orchard Hirooka Farm, Tottori 100g

    Black Shallot is to be used in a similar way to black garlic but the sweet mild onion flavour from the "Allium chinense" species of shallot will absolutely delight you!!

    Rakkyo shallot is a specialty from Tottori Prefecture where the sandy soil grows it best. The sand dunes of Tottori City are known throughout Japan and from October to early November they are covered in the vivid purple-red blossoms of the shallot. The shallot (rakkyo in Japanese) is a lilaceous perennial flower native to China. It is said to have been first introduced to Tottori when seeds were brought to Japan during the Edo period. The flower has been designated as the city flower and pickled shallots are now a popular local specialty of Tottori City.