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  • Angel Tears


    Angel Tears

    Take your food presentation to a new level and turn dishes into sparkling talking points!

    Angel Tears are made to a secret method with white wine, lemon, sugar and REAL 22 Karat gold. They are really flavour neutral but are slightly sweet if anything.

    Keep refrigerated after opening and be careful to use a clean spoon each time (not to introduce bacteria to jar).

    Angel tears have no discernible flavour so can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. They can also be put in drinks, salads, on chocolate/desserts or placed in oysters for a decorative touch. They are heat resistant so can be put on hot canapes. They can be left on food for hours but not overnight as they will dehydrate (you can try spraying with oil to stop this happening).

    Perfect for Christmas, New year, weddings, bar/bat  mitzvahs, christenings, corporate parties and all other celebratory events, Angel tears twinkle under real or artificial light and guests will marvel that they are eating real 22 Karat gold!

    Each Angel tears bottle contains about 800 tears of REAL GOLD and make a very cost effective way (approx 7c each) to make a real impression across large scale hospitality events.

    Gold is not only safe for human consumption, many people over thousands of years have also raved about its numerous health benefits. The ancient Egyptians even believed eating gold would make you immortal!

    Angel Tears must be kept refrigerated and have a shelf life of over a month on opening. You can vacuum pack them or freeze them too to keep (though they defrost a tiny bit smaller). Very very cool at a very cool price. Product of Japan.