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  • Yuzu essence 10ml

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    100% Pure Natural Yuzu Essence 10ml

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    This is a first in the Australian marketplace. Pure Yuzu essence made entirely by putting Yuzu juice through a centrifugal process. There is no chemical or solvents used in making this essence (and no added vegetable oil - the oil is 100% from the juice) and the flavour is natural and strong Yuzu. Because the oil is not made from the pith there is no bitterness.

    Just one ml makes 10kg of product so one small bottle makes an amazing 100kg! As its very strong we recommend to use a pipette. Very cost effective. Obviously it is an oil so can be used to add to white chocolate, butter, cream, sauces, salad dressings (fantastic in risotto!) and more.

    It can also be used for any products which go through emulsification process (it is stable at 100 degrees), such as candies, chocolates, gummy candies etc.  See attached picture of manufacturer recommendations. Can also be used in cosmetic and soap manufacture.