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    Shaved kombu hana kezuri kombu- Note: this product is only available in small amounts and can be out of stock.

    This product uses the very best quality of ‘Ma-kombu’ (giant kelp) from Hokkaido, especially from ‘Minami kayabe area’

    They have their special technical machine that can shave the thick kelp very thin "obliquely". This is the biggest key point as you get an lovely varigated colour.

    Also because it is so thin, they are not soaked in distilled vinegar or artificial seasoning liquid like other normal kelp products. You can enjoy natural kelp flavor with rich UMAMI, and really enjoy the delicate kelp taste which is DELICIOUS!


    Minami kayabe area

    Hokkaido shares 90% of production of kelp in Japan. Especially Minami kayabe is known well as the area for best quality ‘Ma-kombu’ (giant kelp).

    ‘Shirakuchihama ma-kombu’ (White cut giant kelp) is wide and has delicate taste.


    Minami kayabe area has good natural environment for kelp

    a) Meeting point of Oyashio Current and Tsugaru Warm Current, which make best water temperature.

    b) Rich natural forest brings nutritional salt and other minerals

    c) Bedrock all over the area has silicon which is necessary for kelp growing.

    Packets are 100g which contains a lot as it is so light.