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  • Moso Bamboo Charcoal powder 100g


    MOSO Bamboo Charcoal Powder 100g - Back in stock!

    At first, elder people in this town, Minobu-chou started to develop ruined bamboo forests and make the products from bamboo so that they could revitalize their town again. 

    Since then, they have developed various products, not only bamboo charcoal, but also bamboo vinegar liquid (for skin care etc) and bamboo craft works etc. It is a very fine refined product - perfect fine powder. This is 10 times the normal absorbtion of normal charcoal so extremely cost effective to use and gives a black black result not brown or greyish.

    It will make any food completely black (breads, pancakes, pasta whatever( with no liquid or fishy taste at all which you get with squid ink. AND you only need to use 0.5-1% of bamboo charcoal powder for total amount of ingredient so its extremely cost effective.  Just be careful you don't get it all over your kitchen or you will be cleaning for days.

    Nippon Kanpou Kenkyujo - Our company motto is 'Using nature to maintain good health'. We are currently focusing on naturally alleviating issues with the endocrinal system, caused by an excess of nutrients. Our research had led to the discovery of the wonderful properties of bamboo charcoal. Added to anyone's diet, bamboo charcoal powder absorbs all impurities and excess nutrients built up in the body. Those undesirable particles are absorbed into the pores in the charcoal and are eliminated naturally. This powder is extremely fine, with each particle measuring 5 microns on average. It is also tasteless, odorless and light, so doesn't affect in any way the flavour of a dish. Its absorption power is 10 times superior to normal charcoal, and it is naturally very rich in minerals (iron, maganese, calsium)  and in fiber. The darkness of the powder can be used to give foods a rich eye-catching colour which is acclaimed by cooks and pastry chefs in Japan. With a pH of 9, it also adds a pleasantly mild sweetness. Added into bread dough, it gives bread lasting moistness. When used with ingredients which have strong or pungent aroma such as garlic, ham, and sausage, it helps reduce the odour.
    Attention: If the sachet is exposed to elevated temperatures, it will swell. This is a normal reaction and does not affect the product.

    This bamboo species is amazing (Moso bamboo)  it grows up to 28 metres and grows an INCREDIBLE 50cm to one whole metre a DAY during peak growing season!!