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  • Kombu Spaghetti 200g


    Kombu Spaghetti seaweed (laminaria saccharina japonica) is a classic Japanese product from Hokkaido (the best area for producing high quality seaweed in Japan). Pour hot or warm water on it and refresh for 30 minutes.

    Fantastic to use in many ways after refreshing in hot or cool water. * Please note very limited supply of this product so please do not put it on a menu without checking with us first about availability.  Currently in stock!

    * Wrap for visual effect

    *Stocks (*dashi - use 10g of kombu spaghetti for one litre of water for 10 mins)

    * Add to things like spaghetti marinara to marry seafood and pasta.

    * Salads, to sautee, soups, salads, pan fry, pickle or anything!