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  • AAA Grade Bonito flakes HANA KATSUO 62g

    AAA Grade Bonito Flakes 62g

    It is very difficult in Australia to get really good quality Bonito flakes (Katsuobushi) and we are proud to bring you an AAA grade Bonito flake.

    WILD CAUGHT in Micronesia (not farmed) and smoked with real japanese oak FIVE times, these gems will add so much umami and deliciousness to your dishes. YES - while these flakes are great for dashi they can also be used in many other ways:

    • When placed on hot food, the heat waves cause the thin and light katsuobushi to move about (or "dance"), making a wow factor.
    • As a stuffing
    • As a bonito crumb on proscuitto
    • On top of Pizzas
    • To top rice and noodles and much more

    Also if you love your cat, We have heard they go bananas for these little bursts of delight!!